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Good Evening, Infidels!!

So, to start this blog off (officially) I figured I’d let you get to know who I am, considering you’ll be reading posts written by me from now until the end of time.My name is Shelby, and please note, it is NOT Shelly. That is one nickname I have never in my life liked, and I never will like it either. If you must call me by anything other than “Shelby”, I do like: Shel, Amanda (middle name),  Shelbs, Shelmeister, Cobra, and Mustang. Or, I am up for suggestions as long as it’s not Shelly.  Let me go ahead and warn you, 90-95% of the posts here will not be random. They will fall into some category. I’m nineteen years old, and as you can see from my about me – I’m a wife and mommy to be. Don’t ask me when the wedding date is – because of babyLong, we really can’t make up our minds right now on a date. I will tell you, if we don’t make up our minds by the time I start getting entirely too huge to fit into a normal sized wedding gown – I will not be married until after the baby is born and I’ve lost baby weight. Why? Because that’s just my personal preference. I refuse to stand at the altar looking like a woman who’s swallowed too many watermelon seeds in her lifetime and one decided instead of digesting correctly, it was going to implant itself in her body. But again, that’s just my personal preference [: You can tell I’m handling the fact that I’m going to get bigger pretty well, cant ya? Yes, that was sarcasm. I must say, while I may gripe about getting bigger, being emotional, having morning sickness, seeing food and immediately wanting it (certain things, anyway), not being able to enjoy my starbucks coffee because apparently until July I’m not allowed to have it since the child growing inside of me refuses to let me drink it…. I’m honestly happy. I’m embracing these pregnancy symptoms while griping – mainly because earlier this year I went through the heartache of a miscarriage. During my last pregnancy, I didn’t have as many pregnancy symptoms as I do now… so yes, I’m embracing them while griping. I’m engaged to a man who’s twenty years older than me – but that’s okay! We get along sooooo very well! Considering we’ve been living with each other for eight months now and we’ve been together for nine and we have NOT killed each other! Okay, all kidding aside, I’m very happy with him. I know that he’s the only one I want to marry.. and I know that because he is my best friend. He knows every single thing about me, flaws and all, and still loves me just the same. I’m an aspiring writer, and one day I will actually sit down and finish my first novel. I have a part time job, and I am a part time student.. and I probably wouldn’t be here today without my family. However, that last part is something that will most likely be talked about on another day in the far away future. Other than that, I have two dogs who I do consider my children – there names are Kodiak (lab puppy – she’s 7 months old and a hand full!) and Buster (seven year old weenier dog! the cutest little baby! )  Okay – that’s all I really want to divulge about me. Before I close this post, let me go ahead and say this now.  There will be a few things posted on this blog that some of you may not agree with – as far as my political point of views go. I’m going to go ahead and say this now to avoid fights in the future – this is my blog. Mine. Not yours, if it was yours, then you’d be the one writing it, correct? Exactly. I will NOT say anything out of the way if you simply state that you disagree with something I am saying – however, if you say I’m believing the wrong thing and TRY to force your beliefs upon me, the nice girl will go away and the monster will be unleashed. You have been warned.