Bucket List

This is my list of things I wish to do before I die. Some things are already in process, but this list will stay as a reminder to me (for I do forget..)


  1. Get Married
  2. Spend a Christmas with My Brother
  3. Get to know my nieces/nephews in person
  4. Keep my nieces/nephews for one summer
  5. Graduate College
  6. Become a Manager
  7. Start Up My Own Business
  8. Let that business be successful
  9. Have one or two children of my own
  10. Show them complete unconditional love
  11. Finish a crochet project
  12. Become Fluent in French
  13. Become Fluent in German
  14. Finish my family tree
  15. Move to the mountains
  16. Design my own house
  17. Have that house built
  18. Completely write two successful novels (this is aiming low)
  19. Get each novel published
  20. Become a NY Times Best Seller
  21. Learn how to sail
  22. Live outside of the United States
  23. Compete in a marathon
  24. Make my own herbal teas
  25. Finish 45 books in one year


  1. Visit Germany (Preferably Bavaria, with Jerry, since that’s where he/his mom is from)
  2. Visit the Isle of Skye (Scotland)
  3. Visit Paris
  4. Go to Auschwitz
  5. Visit Ireland
  6. Go to the Carribean
  7. Visit Egypt
  8. Visit Switzerland
  9. Visit New Zealand
  10. Visit Denmark
  11. Visit Maine
  12. Spend a week in Spain
  13. Visit Elgin (Moray, Scotland.. it’s where my 11th Great Grandfather on my father’s side is from)
  14. Visit Huntly Castle (it is wear my 11th Great Grandfather George Gordon resided back in the 1500s, and ever since I heard about it, I’ve always wanted to go.)



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