2012 Bucket List

With the new year approaching us, I’ve decided to put up a 2012 Bucket List – all the things I wish to do in the year 2012. While I guess it would be a New Year’s Resolution type list, I decided not to name it that… because 80% of the time I forget about it and become uninterested. So… here it goes. I will probably (most likely) add onto it before December 31st.



  1. Partake in the 365 Challenge – 1 photo each day of the year. Starting January 01.
  2. Partake in the 52 Photo Walks Challenge – take a walk once a week all year long and take a picture of something in the walk – starting January 01.
  3. Partake in the 100 Strangers Challenge – I think this will be the most difficult one.. the idea is to approach someone you’ve never met before, ask if you can take their picture, and talk to them a bit to get some kind of back story… 9 people each month from January – November, and then 1 person in December.



  1. Complete several crafts that I have pinned to my Pintrest
  2. Work on writing one page a day for the whole year of 2012 for my novel.
  3. Read 52 books (1 book a week)
  4. Remember to complete the admission stuff for college by June



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