Before I begin my post for today, I wanted to remind everyone of what I said in my first post… to try and keep people – if they decide to comment on this one – from saying anything that would make me believe you are trying to force your beliefs upon me… or if anyone decides to say anything that will be out of hand or can be taken out of hand..Oh, and I would REALLY enjoy having some feedback on this one.

There will be a few things posted on this blog that some of you may not agree with – as far as my political point of views go. I’m going to go ahead and say this now to avoid fights in the future – this is my blog. Mine. Not yours, if it was yours, then you’d be the one writing it, correct? Exactly. I will NOT say anything out of the way if you simply state that you disagree with something I am saying – however, if you say I’m believing the wrong thing and TRY to force your beliefs upon me, the nice girl will go away and the monster will be unleashed. You have been warned.”

There’s a lot of things roaring around with the politics these days, the occupy movement and the talks of American Civilians being detained and taken straight to Guantanamo Bay without trial. These two conflicts are the ones I have the most opinions about – and the last one concerns me a lot more than usual bills passed in Congress.

First, let’s talk about the Occupy  Movement. I know this movement has spread from Occupy Wall Street to being something to rise up worldwide. There’s one about ten minutes away from my house – Occupy Columbia. Recently, Occupy Columbia had a victory in their court case after the SC Gov. tried taking away one of the rights all American’s have… Freedom of Speech. She set a time for the protest to end each night – and if anyone was out after curfew on the state house grounds – they would be removed and taken to Jail. Well, after that happened and about 20 people got taken to jail from Occupy Columbia, there was a lawsuit filed against Niki Haley. The protestors won, and the US District Judge said the protestors had a right to be there, and the protestors won in their case against the SC Gov and the state of SC. The first amendment (as ruled by the US District Judge) does prohibit a 24 hour occupation at the State House grounds as symbolic conduct. I’ve been following this movement since the very beginning – the fact that it was a very organized movement astounds me. Like so many occupy movements, Occupy Columbia started a message board on Proboards to communicate with one another and make a plan. They searched the State laws on protesting at the State house, they got in touch with local law enforcement, they also tell people -daily- how to be have if they are approached by a police officer to keep anyone from getting in trouble and taken to jail. When Gov. Haley decided to enforce the curfew but was later overruled by a US District Judge, she officially lost my vote in her re-election. A lot of people, on every local news article had very bad comments on the movement. Some people think the protestors (not just in SC) are druggies, homeless, or jobless. While the later one may be the case for SOME occupiers, it is not the case for all.

There are people who have families, homes to go to, and jobs to tend to during the day (and some night, for those who work third shift) who are protesting. They are not looking for trouble, however they are looking for change. The occupy movement, as a whole, is putting the spotlight on things that future generations to come will have to pay for. They’ve shown how big corporations have profited off the blood of the poor in war zones, whether they be Americans or innocent civilians. They’ve shown the betrayal of the returning veterans in getting timely medical or mental health care. The movement has brought attention to the Federal Reserve. The Fed has secretively distributed taxpayer dollars in the trillions to the wealthiest corporations and individuals without oversight. Not only did the American government bail out the banks through the Congress, they’ve been continuously bailing them and other fat cats out without any accountability. More money has gone to them via the backdoor than through the Congress.he Occupy movement has brought attention to the environmental destruction posed by a pipeline from Canada to the Gulf that runs through some of the largest aquifers of drinking water in the middle part of this nation. They’ve shown there is no such thing as “clean coal” or safe nuclear power. They’e shown fracking is yet another danger to clean potable water and pristine forests and grasslands.he occupy movement has shown the fear of the oligarchy that the truth get out. They have ordered their police forces to squash the movement. The longer it stays around, the more the truth will be revealed. The police have obliged all across the U.S.. In Oakland Scott Olsen’s skull was fractured by an “errant” projectile fired into the crowd by the riot squad. When others in the Occupy movement attempted to come to Olsen’s aid a concussive cannister was thrown near Olsen’s prone body as his rescuers came to his side. Olsen remains hospitalized and unable to speak. Scott Olsen is a Marine combat veteran with a job and a place to live. He was deployed twice to Iraq.

The 1% control the wealth which means they control the media, they control the lobbyists and they control the governments all the way down to city governments. This is the point of the Occupy movement – to expose the fraud and demand regulations on campaign spending. To demand regulation on banking practices. To demand regulation on practices of stock brokerage firms. To demand the government get out of the corporate bed and govern the way it is intended.

The claim the Occupy movement really doesn’t have a focused message is absurd. The message is clear if people think about all the problems they have in living their lives free of worrying about food, shelter, electricity,  and healthcare. The message is clear if people think about being able to have a salary to actually live off of (not to spend money on a house that costs way too much or things they really don’t need but just want…. such as a brand new Lexus or Ferrari), being able to pay their debts and being able to help their children go to college. The message is clear if students think about the debt they’ve incurred going to a university for their degree. The message is clear to the 47 million Americans who are without healthcare benefits. They don’t think they should have to die because they are uninsured. What’s the point? The point is the Occupy Columbia, Occupy Wall Street and all the other occupation sites are struggling for justice and equality. They struggle for cops who are short staffed and facing more and more budget cuts. They struggle for teachers to keep the right for collective bargaining and to be able to actually teach instead of administer inane achievement tests that fail to measure the true knowledge of each child. They struggle for all of us whether we ask them or not. And they pay the price with constant police harassment. They pay the price with the determination to stay despite weather, fatigue, adequate shelter or facilities. They pay the price with fractured skulls and welts from rubber bullets and tear gas sprayed at their protesting site, where people are,  at close range. The point is this movement may be the last chance to overcome the oppressive control of the richest 1% of the world. It may be the last chance for our children and grandchildren and great grand children.

That’s my opinion on the matter, and quite frankly… all the time I have to write tonight. What’s up for tomorrow’s blog post? The part two of this “Let’s talk Politics”… on the American Congress passing a law that would mean American Civilians can be detained and taken straight to Guantanamo Bay without trial.

Goodnight readers, and again I would really love some feedback on this post.


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